by: Rhizotomy Paddleboards

The Neptune is ultra-stable and designed to accommodate larger paddlers up to 350lbs, without sacrificing performance. This board is for anyone who is looking for optimal stability combined with smooth paddling performance. The additional width plays a big role in the overall stability. Whether it is a first stroke of a beginner’s paddle, a long board style surf session for a bigger guy or a long tour – the 12’0″ Neptune does it all. This is the user-friendliest board on the market.


  • Length: 12’

    Width: 34” 

    Thickness: 5.5” 

    Volume: 275L

    Beginner: Up to 245 lbs.

    Intermediate: Up to 260 lbs

    Advanced: Up to 280 lbs.

    • 20 Kg EPS Core with Single Plywood Stringer 
    • 2 layers of 6 oz Fiberglass + 1 layer of 4 oz Fiberglass for Protection on Top 
    • 2 layers of 6 oz Fiberglass +1 layer of 4 oz Fiberglass on Bottom 
    • Hand Grip & Leash Plugs 
    • Air-vent (automatic) 
    • 2 Future Fins + 1 Center Box Fin (included) 
    • Swallow Tail

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