by: Rhizotomy Paddleboards

Weather you paddle on flat water, on the open seas, enjoy practicing yoga, or surfing waves of all sizes, the MOAI will make every paddling experience enjoyable. With its EVA foam top, the MOAI allows fun for the whole family from kids to parents even the occasional pup that wants to join on the family paddles!


  • Length: 9’

    Width: 30”

    Thickness: 4.5”

    • 22 Kg EPS Core with Double Plywood Stringers 
    • 2 Layer of 6 oz Fiberglass on Bottom 
    • 1 Layer of 6 oz + 1 Layer of 4 oz on Top 
    • 4mm EVA Skin onTop/Side Rails 
    • Air-vent (automatic type) 
    • Hand Grip & Leash Plugs 
    • 2 Future Fins + 1 Center Box Fin (included)

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Type: Neuro Series

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