Liddell Designs 2015- War Pig

by: Rhizotomy Paddleboards

New in 2015, The Liddell designs War Pig brings lightness, responsiveness and speed down the line to a whole new level.  This Surf SUP  is suitable in 3-10' waves. The 5 futures fin setup gives the rider a plethora of fin setups for varying wave conditions and board riding preferences. Ride it as a single fin, thruster, quad or all 5 fins to prevent sliding out on during bottom turns on larger surf.

          • Length: 7’10”

            Width: 30” 

            Thickness: 4” 

            Volume: 110.5L

            Beginner: Up to 165 lbs.

            Intermediate: Up to 175 lbs

            Advanced: Up to 205 lb

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